Fear Factory Tour abgesagt

A Statement to Drones of Fear Factory

On behalf of Fear Factory, I am writing to each and every one of you to relay important information regarding the Fear Factory concerts between June 21, through August 15. We regretfully are informing you that we are postponing these dates in Europe, to schedule for later dates.

These particular dates are being postponed in order that we as Fear Factory may finalize the writing and recording of our new music. We are aware that this album will be a very important recording for each of us in Fear Factory. That this album has to be sonically incredible for each and every one of you who are sincerely interested in listening to this latest creation. In order for Fear Factory to create the album of our career, we must focus and work diligently to engineer our rhythms of mechanical death. We feel that rushing to release this recording will not be beneficial to the craft of our manufacturing.

In this parting statement, please understand that postponing these dates is not for any other reason than to create the album that Fear Factory fans are anxious to hear.

Burton C Bell
Dino Cazares

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